Trans Actress Jen Richards Lost a Role Because of Louis CK’s Sexual Harassment


Transgender actress Jen Richards is upset with the fallout of Louis C.K.’s actions after they caused her to lose a groundbreaking role on one of his planned TV shows.

Richards, who was set to voice a transgender character on the TBS series “The Cops,” said “the consequences of these actions go far” after C.K. admitted to masturbating in front of women or over the phone.

“I guess I can say this now: I was one of the stars of ‘The Cops’. There was going to be an animated trans character, voiced by a trans actress, on network television. The consequences of these actions go far,” she wrote.

She followed that tweet by saying that she generally supports increased punishment of sexual harassers.

Even though the show has not yet been made, if it’s based on a concept co-created by C.K., then he would have been credited in every episode. Eliminating him from the cast would not have been a simple solution for TBS if they wanted to distance themselves from him.

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