Trans Teen Not Allowed To Use Chosen Name At High School Graduation


Transgender graduating high school senior’s father has recently started a petition addressed to the school principal in which he asks that his son’s chosen name be read at the graduation ceremony, rather than the name given at birth.

Dr. Park Ginder, the principal of Homestead High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is the one to whom the petition is addressed, and the word will break any parent’s heart.

Brian Thomas pleads for his son to be called Wyatt in it, the name he chose for himself in high school.


The petition is titled “Call my transgender child’s name at graduation”, and it has already gathered over 13k signatures (at the time of writing).

This is what it reads:


Should that really be enough? I mean, the child has requested to be requested the name, and the parents too, so why is the opinion of the principal or the school’s “policy” more important than that?

If it is an “unwritten standard”, then it can easily be amended in order to the students’ needs, right?



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