Trans Woman, First In The World To Undergo Successful Vag Reconstructive surgery Using Fish Skin


A 35-year-old that wants to be identified only as Maju is the first transgender person in the world to undergo a successful reconstructive surgery of her vulva using the skin of tilapia fish.

She underwent the procedure after her private part started to shrink and close up after botched reassignment surgery.

Gynecologist Professor Leonardo Bezerra of the Federal University of Ceara (UFC) in Fortaleza, Brazil led the medical team, and he revealed that the pioneering surgery has given her the change of having intimate life again.


The procedure is called ‘neovaginoplasty’, and it has also improved her self esteem very much.

It used the skin of the fish wrapped around a tubular-shaped acrylic mold in the form of a biological prothesis.

The operation lasted for three hours, and Maju said afterward that she’s absolutely thrilled with the result, and that she feels like a complete and real woman for the first time in her life.


The sterilied and odor-free fish skin reportedly displays stimulatory cell grown properties in contact with the patient’s body, as it is rich in type 1 collagen.
The tilapia membrane re-coated the walls and acted like stem cells, and these were absorbed into the body, transforming into cellular tissue similar to that of an actual private part.


Bezzera has successfully treated 10 women and corrected the condition for their uterus and private parts to be underdeveloped or absent since developing the technique three years ago.

The 23-year-old Jucilene Marinho was the first woman to have her canal reconstructed from tilapia fish skin after she was diagnosed with having no cervix, uterus, ovaries, or womb in her teens.


According to Bezerra, tract closure is common in transgender women.



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