Transgender Man Shares Photographs Before And After His ‘Unrecognizable’ Transformation


Meet Jaimie Wilson. He’s a pretty successful guy, being a musician, a DJ, and a successful model. That’s pretty impressive considering he’s only 21-years-old. He also happens to be a fully transitioned male member of the LGBT community.

Wilson is from Ann Arbor, Michigan in the US and has shared his transition journey online. As a result of sharing his personal story, he’s become an empowered poster boy for transgender rights.

Jaimie told UNILAD about his mission to shed some light on the societal myths surrounding transgender people, telling his story about his incredible transition. The photos and the words really give viewers a reality check on transitioning.
He told UNILAD, “When I was 15 I knew for a fact that I was male. But because I grew up in a religious household I had to put my identity and feelings aside until I was able to be on my own.”


He told UNILAD, “I would go to the store and shop in the men’s section. I took every opportunity I had to put on masculine clothing and stare into the mirror.”


The singer-songwriter transitioned at the age of 18, finding himself “more excited to be alone than around anyone” he told UNILAD. He also added, “When I was alone I was able to dress and look how I wanted to…I was me.”



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