Transgender Men Who Got Pregnant In The Face Of Incredible Adversity


By documenting their pregnancies in the way that cisgender people would document theirs, they are increasing the visibility of trans people for other members of their community to draw support from.


Thomas Beatie is still the most well-known pregnant man in the world – and that’s because, if you remember, he was supposedly the very first! He became pregnant through artificial insemination back in 2007 due to his wife’s infertility, and the world was instantly fascinated by the seeming impossibility of their situation.

In 2016, Fernando became the first trans man to get pregnant in Ecuador, and it certainly wasn’t easy. In spite of the inevitable adversity that the couple would face, he and his partner, Diane Rodriguez, were determined to become parents.

Kayden found out he was expecting a child midway through his gender confirmation process. He had been experiencing back pain and so asked his then-boyfriend to give him a massage. So Kayden laid on his stomach and noticed “It felt like there was a pillow under my stomach but there was no pillow.” He said, in jest, that they should do a pregnancy test and to their shock, it came back positive.

Scott had a baby with his husband, Thomas, who is also trans, back in 2010. At the time, he was referred to as the world’s “second pregnant man”.

Jason, who was born female, had always wanted to start a family one day, but also knew he wanted to transition from female to male. His partner, Tracey, was not able to conceive herself and so Jason happily stepped in.


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