Transgenders in Eastern Europe


I would be thrilled if you would write about my work, because it is still very difficult to represent trans people in East Europe.

Gender has been getting a lot more attention, in some countries and schools we can find genderless subjects and toilets. Many of the parents dress their children in unisex clothes, airlines greet their customers without gender. The distinctive gender roles are fading away, more are accepting their true selves and their sexuality, some unfortunately are still struggling to accept their sexuality.

The more I started to delve into it, the more it became crystal clear that I wanted to take part in this by making an exhibition. Therefore I chose to work with Angela Novak who is one of the first East European transgenders.  I was looking for models to work on one of the most popular applications and this work has helped them realize the beauty of their own bodies, they have managed to get over their boundaries.

The gender question made me search for art materials which could also symbolize the subject matter, therefore I picked the most common materials in painting: watercolor and acrylic. I also tried finding materials which are mainly associated with the female gender and that’s how i chose lipstick and nail varnish. The peculiarity of these paintings are that they are the real prints of the body, the female lips, genitals and breasts are immortalized on canvas.

What are my goals?

I would like people to accept and embrace their sexuality, to tolerate the transgenders. My paintings show that the living body is nothing else but a beautiful creature and depending on how we use it it gives us all a frenetic visual experience. I have no grand illusions that art will create a revolution in the traditional sense, but have witnessed the powerful changes it can make in an individual. Just one new idea can change a persons’ perception. The world may not change in an instant by art, but it will slowly spread into the active part of our brains and live to tell the tale.


Angela Novak is the first Hungarian transgender who publicly spoke about her operation and life. Angela made medical history in Hungary since her operation was the first successful gender changing operation back in 2002. She is also a singer and actress and we can see her often on TV. Last time she went to the jungle with a star reality show. Official site:

Thank you – Davide.




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