Transphobic Couple Slapped And Spat On Trans Woman On Subway Platform


Serena Daniari is a journalist and a trans woman that recently shared a video of a sudden and unprovoked anti-trans disturbance she experienced at a New York Subway platform.
Her post is an illustration of how rattling a hate-filled moment is for the marginalized groups, and she said that she wishes people would just leave her alone, because she didn’t do anything.

The woman said these words after she was outnumbered, spat on, and even slapped in the face by a couple around 8 pm on a Friday evening.
This is the video the woman shared on Twitter:

Daniari told the NY Post that the incident occurred while she was waiting for the next southbound C train on the platform at 155th station. She was wearing headphones and she was reading a book before the couple attacked her.

She said that first, a man in his 20’s approached and spoke to her, even though she didn’t hear him because she was wearing headphones. She took her headphones out and asked him to repeat himself, and he realized she was transgender when he heard her voice. He started saying: “Oh, you’re a guy. You’re a tranny”, before he slapped her face and spat on her.


She has since told BuzzFeed News that her transgender identity was the obvious and direct cause of the violence. After being struck, she used her phone to take a photo of the man and the woman that accompanied him, and the woman then slapped Daniari’s phone out of her hand and continued with more derogatory speech.

The police have since released Daniari’s photo of the suspects.

Thanks to the quick action of the police and Daniari’s photo, the police have taken the man into custody. The woman accompanying him is still on the loose.

Daniari’s original post has been shared more than 11k times, and many people shared their love and support to her.



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