Two Women Make History Being The First Same-Sex People To Marry In Northern Ireland


The 26-year-old Robyn Peoples and the 27-year-old Sharni Edwards made history a few days ago when they got married at a hotel in Carrickfergus and became the first people ever to have a same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland.

According to a reporter at the venue, the first dance was to Ariana Grande’s song “Over and Over Again”.

The two have dated for six years before they tied the knot, and even though they had booked a civil partnership last summer, they changed the ceremony to a wedding after the law in Northern Ireland changed last month.

Same-sex couples were able to register to marry in Northern Ireland as of January 13, and those who were already married had their union recognized by the law.


Northern Ireland was the last country of the U.K. to legalize same-sex marriage, as it has been legal in England, Scotland, and Wales since 2014.

Ms. Peoples, from Belfast, said before the ceremony that they’re both nervous, but very excited.

Even though their love is personal, the law which said that they couldn’t marry was political, and they’re delighted that they can now say that those days are over.



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