UN Report Says 29 Million Girls And Women Are Being Sold In Modern Slavery Right Now


According to a new report that came out of Tanzania, at least 29 million girls and women are currently victims of modern-day slavery.

These women are exploited for several purposes, including labor, forced-marriage, and domestic servitude. As reported by Grace Forrest, the co-founder of the anti-slavery organization Walk Free, this means that one in every 130 girls and women in the world is living in modern-day slavery.

As she puts it herself, there are more people living in slavery now than at any other time in human history.

Modern-day slavery is the systematic removal of a person’s freedom, usually for financial gain. According to the data collected by the Walk Free and the International Organization for Migration and the International Labor Organization, more than 29 million women and girls are in some form of slavery.


“What this report has shown is that gender stacks the odds against girls from conception throughout their lives,” – she moved on.

The devastating fact of modern-day slavery is that 99 percent of all modern-day slavery victims are women.

The main purpose of the campaign is to end forced and child marriage. These problems are currently present in 136 countries around the world. Additionally, it urges that legalized systems of exploitation be banned.



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