Washington D.C. Cyclist Holds Up MGA ‘Freedom Convoy’ Truck Protest


A few dozens of participants of the ‘People’s Convoy’ protest in Washington, D.C. – a part of the circling truck drivers protesting public health-related Covid-19 policies were heavily delayed and infuriated by a bicyclist who brought them to a near halt by riding in front of them at minimum speed, effectively blocking their route.

The trucks were unable to overtake the cyclist, so the right-wing truck drivers began honking at the cyclist and yelling at him to move out of the way.

But he didn’t.

One of the drivers that was live streaming the event caught up the single rider and asked him what’s he’s doing, and if he’s aware that there are a bunch of trucks behind him. However, protesting their protest, the cyclist said that he can’t hear him, as it was too loud.

The organizers of the protest set up a base in Hagerstown, Maryland, and made a plan to drive around the D.C. area as a form of protest against the Covid-19 policies.


Rather expectedly, the truckers encountered considerable pushback, especially from Washington, D.C. police who blocked the interstate exits into downtown to keep the protesters from causing their mayhem.
However, the pushback came from a lone challenger this time, but it seems like his tactic is effective.

Source: Comicsands


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