Watch His Priceless Glittery Revenge


How Do You Get Revenge on Homophobic Harassers?

The saying goes: You can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter. That’s the lesson that a homophobic driver learned recently after he decided to hurl abuse at Nick Hurley, 27. He shouted ‘f*****’ at him from his car on Whitworth Street in Manchester city centre on Friday.

Nick was carrying bags of biodegradable glitter ahead of Brighton Pride so when the car stopped at traffic lights he knew what to do. He emptied a tube of glitter into the car through the passenger window to the shock of the two men inside who then sped off.

He said: ‘In a moment of creative frenzy I realised I had a bag full of glitter. I opened one tube and reached inside the window. ‘I thought “this might be a bad thing to do” and launched the tube of glitter in the passenger window. ‘The traffic lights changed and the guys in the car looked flummoxed, as if to say “did that really happen?”.

‘I have had death threats, a glass bottle thrown at me, a brick thrown at my house, all of these things have happened in Manchester. ‘I have been thrown off my bike while cycling to work. This isn’t the most horrific crime that has happened to me, but I wanted to raise awareness – in a funny way.’


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