White Man Chases Black Servicewoman Yelling At Her, ‘Take Off That Uniform, N*gger!’


This woman WAS IN UNIFORM when this man said these things…in her U.S. Military uniform!!

A South Florida woman named Geminia Aimable is reaching out on Facebook, looking for help.

In a post Thursday, the South Florida resident wrote about something disturbing that happened while she was riding in her car. Aimable, who identifies herself in her bio as a Publix cashier who is also in the National Guard, recounts a harrowing experience in which she said she was called the n-word while in uniform.

“In my 19 years of living… I have never been called a n—er. To my face at least. Yet today, in my uniform, a man cut me off. Just to then later FOLLOW me. I took all these crazy streets to shake him off. I get to a red light to get to my destination and out of nowhere. He comes banging on my window cursing me out… and proceeding to call me a n—er.”


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