A New Way To Brush Your Teeth Has Arrived! It’s Quick, Easy and Super Effective!


There is nothing like the feeling of leaving the dentist after a dental grade cleaning of your teeth and gums! Now, you are able to achieve that same feeling, right from the comfort of your own home!

Move over regular, boring toothbrush – there is a new player in the game!

It’s called ‘MYST™ ‘ and its revolutionary XRT technology is changing the way we clean our mouths!

XRT™ , or Expansion Radius Technology allows MYST™  to brush every surface of every tooth, simultaneously. In addition to cleaning every surface of your teeth, MYST cleans the gum line also. Thus, lowering chances of gum disease.

The MYST™ toothbrush was created with one single goal in mind: to make brushing your teeth quicker, automatic and more efficient.

Since the toothbrush ‘automates’ the brushing process, it allows customers to feel like they have access to ‘dental grade cleaning’, daily, in just a few seconds time!

MYST™  has three different speed settings, one of which is considered a ‘gum massaging setting’. This is setting gently stimulates your gums, aiding in increased blood flow while inducing a flow of oxygen to the gum area, which in turn, helps eradicate harmful bacteria that may be hidden within the oral cavity.


MYST™ can’t be found in stores and is only available on their official website!  The company has confirmed that even though they have recently re-stocked, due to its popularity and a new surge in orders, supplies are extremely limited.

However, they are still honoring their Introductory 50% Discount Right Now for our readers to Try MYST™ Risk-Free!

Take advantage of this special “risk-free” discounted offer and try the MYST™ toothbrush. For a limited period, you can try MYST™ risk-free and save 50% off the regular price, with free shipping to boot! So get 50% off and have no extra shipping fees to pay!


One last tip, there’s also a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with MYST™, for any reason at all, just return it within 30 days and get a full refund. You only cover the cost of postage to return the product.




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