Woman Accused Of Adultery Stoned By An Angry Mob Shouting “Hit Her” And “Allahu Akbar”


Horrifying footage of an Afghan woman being stonedby an angry mob has emerged recently, and activists blame on the Taliban for the attack.

The woman can be seen cowering and screaming in a hole as she is pelted with stones in front of a crowd of onlookers.
A spokesperson for the Afghanistan president Ashraf Gani has since blamed the Taliban for the attack, and he accused the militant group of “atrocity and cruelty”.
The Taliban, though, claim that the footage is from 2015.
Human rights activists don’t believe that to be true, and the country’s Independent Human Rights Commission is investigating the case.

According to the human rights commission that was trying to establish when the footage was taken and why was the girl killed, the Taliban had stoned the woman “a few days ago” in Ghor province, and the reason is premarital sex.


The woman can be heard crying and screaming in the video, while the crowd shouts “hit her” and “Allahu Akbar”.

According to a spokesperson for President Ashraf Ghani, Taliban’s cruelty and atrocity under the name of Islam is a crime against humanity.
Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid claimed that the video was several years old, referring to another case in 2015 when a woman was stoned to death for adultery in the same province.



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