Woman On The Subway Loses It And Lashes Out After Seeing Two Lesbians Kiss


Many people say that there are no rights that the people of the LGBTQ community don’t have so there is no need to protest, but they couldn’t be more wrong. How about being treated as a human being and not feel threatened or getting attacked in public just for loving someone and people don’t like it? There are all sorts of things around us that many of us don’t like or wouldn’t like seeing but love between 2 adults is not one of those things that should be censored.

Today we follow a story from Barcelona, Spain, where a woman riding the subway totally lost it when she saw two women kissing. One of the girls, named Carla Gallén made a video of the whole thing and posted the lesbophone online.

Namely, you can see the woman, who btw is pushing a stroller, going crazy on the two girls using all kind of slur against the couple. Since the video is in Spanish, here is a part of what the homophobic woman was saying:

Carla says that the slurs went on for 10 minutes on a full train and no one even moved a finger.

“It is very easy to put ‘badges’ on the day of Pride, but LGBTQIA + people continue to suffer daily violence with this type of aggression.” – she continues.

She and her partner reported the incident to the police and also shared it to the Observatory Against Homophobia, a regional organization which monitors anti-LGBTQ discrimination. This happens only a few weeks after another video of a homophone in McDonalds in Barcelona threatened he will “kick the gay out of” a gay man during the Barcelona Pride Weekend.



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