Woman Paused While Running The NYC Marathon To Propose To Her Girlfriend Before Finishing The Race


Clarisa Alayeto is a woman from The Bronx, New York who was running the New York City Marathon over the weekend when she stopped after three-quarters of the way to get on her knee and pop the question to her girlfriend, around the 20-mile mark of the race.

The 37-year-old Alayeto took a detour from the route, got on her knee, and proposed to Mariely Del Valle, who immediately said “Yes”.



The proposal took place at the same time when the song Para Siempre by Kany Garcia was playing on the radio in the background, which is the couple’s favorite song.

Del Valle told the New York Post after the race that when she heard the song on the radio, she thought that “it was weird”, and then she saw her partner on her knees and was just shocked.

It’s also fun to note that Del Valle asked her partner if she’s going to propose on the race the day before, to which Alayeto replied: “Of course not, that’s too much for me”.


Well, as it turns out, Alayeto had been planning the proposal for weeks.
Check out the video of the proposal Alayeto shared on Instagram:


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And then she said YES!!! #LoveIsLove #BailemosUnBlues #ParaSiempre @kanygarcia #Mile20Proposal NYCMarathon2019

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After the proposal, Alayeto continued on with the race and finished the marathon in under nine hours!
She later shared on Facebook what it meant to her to finish her first New York Marathon, surrounded by her friends and family.
Congratulations to the happy couple!


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