Woman Shoots Her Rapist Dead After He Threatened To Kill Her, Gets Jailed


The 32-year-old Brittany Smith is an Alabama woman that shot her rapist dead as he was trying to strangle her brother. She has since pleaded guilty.

The woman was attacked by an acquaintance named Todd Smith in January 2018, although she had no relation to him.

Her brother, Chris McCallie, found out about the violent attack a few hours later, and turned up at the house to make Todd leave. However, there was a confrontation, and the 38-year-old Todd put Chris in a headlock and started strangling him and threatening to kill them both. He had a long history of domestic violence and had been taking a combination of Xanax, amphetamines, alcohol, and meth.

Brittany managed to grab a gun and yelled at Todd to stop. When he didn’t, she shot him.

She called 911 and told them that she shot someone that was trying to kill her and her brother, but she didn’t want him to die.


She was since indicted on murder charges by a grand jury in March 2018, and it was confirmed that Todd had sexually harassed her and raped her.
Todd had been arrested 80 times before she shot him.

Brittany pleaded guilty to murder on Friday, a month before her trial was about to start, and if she was convicted, she was about to face life in prison.

She was sentenced by Judge Holt to 20 years, but she will only serve seven months in prison, and the judge ordered the sentence to be split. She will have only serve 18 months in the Jackson County Jail, and 18 months of house arrest, followed by probation.
According to Brittany’s lawyer, she will be released to house arrest in about seven months.



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