Women Share Their Sad Gyno-Shaming Stories.This is a Real And Serious Problem


Apparently, it happens more often than you’d think. Many women share their stories.

A recent Reddit post by a woman under the username momdadimrae who was shamed by her gynecologist has clearly hit a nerve, because it blew up and went viral as many women shared similar experiences.

“I went to the gynecologist for the first time for an IUD consultation. In the span of 20 minutes, he belittled me for being on antidepressants since 14, told me that depression doesn’t exist and I should stop whining, and yelled a nurse out of the room,” she wrote.

How common are experiences like these? Unfortunately, it seems, very. Here, some readers share just a few experiences they’ve had with gynecologists embarrassing, criticizing, and shaming them.

Anonymous, 25:
“Once [my gynecologist] told me I had too many piercings and was too tan, and assumed I had many partners for those reasons … But then I told her that I was monogamous and [the tests] came out not pregnant and completely clean, and she was like ‘Then why are you here?’ And it was just for a yearly! That was the last of her.”“I once had a gyno tell me she was surprised I was sexually active … I was probably 19 at the time and just started dating my husband (who would turn out to be the only partner I’d have intercourse with) so I asked about birth control. I’m a plus-size woman, she looked me up and down and said, ‘REALLY? Huh, ok well…’ and then launched into options.”

Anonymous, 29:
“The first time I ever went to a female OBGYN my step mom offered to take me to her because I was having terrible cramps and irregular periods. The initial nurse, who was about 50, told me how everything is confidential and just tell the truth — I was 15 — and then said ‘Well it’s not like you’re sexually active anyway.” And I said, ‘Um excuse me, yes I am. I have a serious boyfriend, I trust him, and he’s the only person I’ve been with.’

Well she stopped what she was doing, turned, took off her glasses and looked me up and down and said ‘You’re not serious are you?’

I just stared at her and then she grabbed her stuff and left. I never felt so small in my life. After the appointment with the actual doc she wrote me a script for birth control and then she told my stepmom ‘because she should know what I was actually up to.’”


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