World Champion Trans Cyclist Defends Her Win From Don Jr’s Hateful Comments


Rachel McKinnon is the winner of the 2019 Masters Track Cycling World Championships and a trans woman. However, she received a flood of hateful comments and messages after her win, and she felt compelled to defend her win after Donald Trump Jr. retweeted an article calling her a “biological male”, accompanied by other trans hating nonsense.

The son of the president called her win “BS” and implied that she only won because she’s transgender, claiming that “it will destroy women’s sports”.

McKinnon has been competing as a woman cyclist for several years now, including in years when gender-based qualifications were more stringent. She also won the UCI Women’s Masters Track World Championship for the 35-44 age bracket in 2018, and she set the world record during her qualify ing time for this group in 2019.


Even though she has been taking hormone blockers in accordance with the rules, people like Trump Jr. refuse to give her any peace. Don Jr. later tweeted on the same subject with an article that says that her world record wouldn’t have even qualified her for the men’s cycling championship, and he used this as evidence that her wins are an assault on cisgender women.

Dr. Rachel McKinnon, who’s also a philosophy professor, had to explain some things to Don.

She said earlier that her body doesn’t produce testosterone anymore, and it hasn’t for nearly a decade. Unfortunately, though, her tweets were flooded with comments from hateful people, even though many people have been supportive of her win and her message.



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