‘You Ain’t Gay, You Just Haven’t Had My D**k Yet…”



Author (and photo credit): Sophie Sandberg

Members of the LGBTQIA+ community are often targeted on the streets for their sexual orientation or gender expression. This homophobic, transphobic and often sexually aggressive behavior illustrates damaging attitudes towards individuals in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Photo Credit: Sophie Sandberg – Catcalls of NYC

“I’m 13. I’ve faced a lot of things in nyc, and it’s something I’ve gotten ‘used to.’ More recently, l was wearing a pride shirt, and this guy called out ‘You ain’t gay, you just haven’t had my dick yet.’ Like on 110th street or something”

Photo Credit: Sophie Sandberg – Catcalls of NYC

“I’m a guy, is this allowed? I was walking into grand central when a group of guys all made comments and one stuck with me ‘with a face and ass like that me and my boys can take some good care of you’ I was so scared I asked a security guard to walk me to my destination.”

Photo Credit: Sophie Sandberg – Catcalls of NYC

“I am a trans boy (but I look very feminine) I am fourteen years old and I have been cat called many times in NYC. The first time I was 11 years old and whistled at by someone almost 5 times my age. The other time was when I was 13 I was with three friends and we were walking past my old elementary school when some guy yells out ‘nice ass mami’ to me. I hope this helps to raise awareness and show that it does not only happen to older people and that it also happens to kids”

More about Sophie Sandberg and her Catcalls of NYC can be found here:  www.catcallsofnyc.com


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